Treatments – Feng Shui, Throw It Away: Part Four


As we complete our feng shui journey, there may be circumstances beyond your control; maybe your window faces another building or there’s a wall as soon as you walk in the front door. Feng shui treatments can be used as a cure for these obstacles that block energy.  

The below is a typical western Bagua map that when superimposed on the blueprint of your home, room or small surface, will tell you where energy lives. For example, the upper-right-hand corner of a room is a love/relationship energy corner while the upper-left-hand side of a room is the money/finance energy corner. The map also displays the colors and elements associated with each energy space.

Click here for Bagua map

Keep the Bagua map in mind when you begin to implement some of these classic feng shui treatments:

The larger the better. They open and extend space, bringing more light into a room. Trick: Go to your local framer and have them custom-cut mirror pieces to fit the inside of your window box. This will double the light that comes into a room.

Waterfalls and Sculptures 
Running water will bring new life and serene energy into a space while sculptures can inspire.

Like running water, plants are living energy and bring life to any space. I especially love using lucky bamboo in the wealth corner – it doesn’t require soil or light to grow.  

Place near a window where the wind might catch them spontaneously. They will ring out like angels singing.

Art and photos
You don’t have to spend money on new art. Place what you have properly and, above all, use elegant framing.   

Home Entrance
This is the first impression of your home. Make it regal, beautiful and balanced. Paint the door a new color and frame it with two plants or sculptures. Ensure the entryway is well marked and the doorbell is in working order.

I hope you enjoy your new, free-flowing sanctuary!

Contact us should you desire to create an even more personalized feng shui plan in your home. We love to help our clients live smarter – and more zen – with style.

Love and Order,


Staging – Feng Shui, Throw It Away: Part Three


Welcome to week three. You should be feeling lighter and more energized after clearing clutter and unused items.

Now, let’s direct our attention to the furnishings. Think hotel-style. 

There are a few things you can do to ensure your home is maximizing flow and bringing you that “on vacation” feeling:

  • Make sure furniture is placed and angled in a manner that gives you room to move unencumbered, maximizing movement and flow.
  • Consider the angle of your rugs – having them point towards the opening of the room with surrounding furniture in a similar pattern can eliminate the “box-within-a-box” feeling. 
  • If replacing window treatments is out of the question, you can lower and slant blinds to diffuse natural lighting. You can pull curtains over harsh, metal window frames to soften the look.  
  • Make a statement with your cherished memories by grouping photos by theme, creating order, hanging them or mounting photos on picture ledges. 
  • Remember to also consider how you light your home and the objects within. One word: DIMMERS. Just about every light you own should be on a dimmer so you can control the mood of every space. Up lighting and color lighting is also useful and can be strategically placed to highlight sculptures, paintings and plants. 
  • Paint your walls a color that inspires you and makes your furniture pop. You should feel happy when you walk in the room. If you don’t want to paint the whole room, try an accent wall behind the sofa in the living room or on the foyer wall as you walk into the home.

After staging, walk through your rooms with fresh eyes, as though you are a stranger seeing everything for the first time. Remove anything extra that you may have missed: too many throw pillows, blankets and anything left on a surface that doesn’t serve a purpose (things stacked on top of the refrigerator, shoved into spaces, etc.).

Do you feel more open and creative? It’s working.

Love and Order,


Surfaces – Feng Shui, Throw It Away: Part Two


You may have already parted ways with a few items you no longer use, but now is the time roll up your sleeves and go deeper.

Room-by-room, examine all of your surfaces.

Do you see shelves bulging with photos or knickknacks? Are your tables and racks filled to the brim with books and magazines you’ve either already finished or know you will never read? Do you have stacks of papers on desks and tables?

All of these items are probably overloading your mental to-do list and adding to your stress level.

Donate the books, recycle the magazines and shred the old files. Ensure your shelves carry only the bare minimum. Give your eyes release by having less.

You may feel hesitant at first and that’s ok. Remind yourself that you no longer use or need these items and that you’re setting the stage for many enjoyable times in your home.

After all, it is the people in your life – not the things – that matter most.

Love and Order,


Feng Shui, Throw It Away: A Four-Part Series


As our world reawakens with spring, you probably feel a need to part with the old and create space. This is no surprise – a clean and organized home does wonders for the spirit after braving the long months of winter.

As you begin your springtime ritual, I recommend applying some basic elements of easy, Western-style feng shui. The original Chinese art form and philosophy of feng shui was established to create flow between yourself and your environment.

Stay tuned this month for a weekly email in which I’ll share my step-by-step tips to create a more relaxing and less stressful living space that will maximize the flow of energy in all aspects of your life. 

This week, start with the basics; begin to look through your clothing, accessories and memorabilia. Decide what you would like to donate or what needs to be discarded.

Remember that with each and every item you release you are freeing up space in both your heart and mind – leaving you room to grow.

Please do contact me should you prefer a one-on-one consultation.

Love and Order,


Springtime Renewal – Creating a Stylish Sanctuary


What would you do with a deserted bedroom? Easy – create a guest room, entertainment lounge and tropical oasis.  

Click here to view before 

Click here to view after 

Inspired by the Beverly Hills vintage banana-leaf pattern featured in the 2015 forecast by Sherwin Williams, a daughter’s vacated space has become a tranquil, modern and multi-functional getaway. 

This ultra-luxurious pattern evokes memories of a bygone era while anchoring a lush, serene and smart design. 

SmartinUp’s expert organizers completed the transformation with a sleek storage space, tying together style and function

Do you have a dormant room in need of rejuvenation? We’ve been beautifying Manhattan one space at a time for 25 years. Contact SmartinUp for a complimentary consultation.

Love and Order,


Simple Design Tips to Beating the Winter Blues


Each season brings new challenges in optimizing your comfort (and mood) levels.

When the cheer and sparkle of the holidays are replaced by the cold grey January days, take some time to liven up your home with the following design tips.

While you are holed up indoors, you might start to notice clutter and unfinished projects that have piled up during the busy holiday season. The New Year is the perfect time to organize your home and start off on a clean slate!

In addition to keeping you toasty, heating your home can also over-dry the air, which in turn can wreak havoc on your complexion and potentially exacerbate cold and flu symptoms and sinus problems. I strongly suggest getting a humidifier to maintain an optimal moisture level in your home. A sleek one by your bedside makes an incredible difference in the quality of your sleep, leaving you refreshed and breathing easily in the morning.   

If you’re craving some sunshine but a tropical getaway is not in your immediate future, you can still bring in some sunny elements into your home for a similar effect. Citrusy and clean herbal scents, either in the form of natural soy candles or oil diffusers, all brighten up your home and uplift the spirit.

Color light therapy also works wonders during the long dark winter months. Try getting a mood lamp with a soft diffused light, or even change a plain white bulb in an existing lamp to your favorite color. Light blue is my favorite to create a peaceful glow by your bed, for example.

To make things even cozier, I suggest bringing in a luxurious faux fur throw to wrap yourself up during those lazy days of hibernation and long Netflix marathon viewing sessions (hello Cinema-therapy!).

Finally, a fresh arrangement of colorful flowers, either in your workspace or as a dining centerpiece, is an easy way to bring nature and cheer back into your life.

Love & Order,


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