Shirley Martin can take any space, no matter how big or small, and make it functional, organized, and beautiful! I loved the work she did in my home-office and kitchen, and would highly recommend her services. 

Andrea Beaman 
Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach, Top Chef Winner

Shirley Martin helped me with my professional office as well as my living space. She got to know my needs immediately and communicated a clear vision. Shirley works efficiently and with nurturing insight and wisdom to create a space that works with you on all levels - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. She has such a unique style that my friends and I, who have had the privilege of working with her, call our completed spaces "Shirley-fied." 

Tori Quisling
M.Ed, Clairvoyant Practitioner 
NY Center for Clairvoyant Development
*Featured in the NY Daily News, the TODAY Show, and CBS2

Shirley Martin is brilliant at what she does. She doesn't just help you organize, she cleanses your soul! She can help you see what you need to let go of and help you make it disappear in what seems a magical way. She can make the mess go away or put it in order in a flash. She is sensitive to your individual needs but clear about getting the job done. I am amazed and grateful every time she brings her fabulous skills into my life.

Jeanie LoVetri
Director, The Voice Workshop   New York, NY

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I owe a considerable part of my success in business and in life to the help of Shirley Martin. I often sincerely tell her that I couldn't do it without her!

Jane Laino
President -  DIgby 4 Group, Inc.   New York, NY

She is part Shirl-Friday - part Shirlinator but I promise you this - whatever you need done -Shirl is your Girl! Shirley has done two complete apartments for us at half the price of other designers - she really shops for the best items at the best prices and puts it together with incredible flair - she has also organized my life and has just helped me in so many ways with her great advice - hire Shirley today – it’s the smart thing to do!!! 

Halle Becker 
President -  Comet Productions, Inc.  New York, NY

Shirley Martin and Smartin Up helped me transform my pre war, one bedroom New York City apartment into a sanctuary.  First, I let go of all the furniture, stuff and clothing I no longer used or needed. Then, we completely revamped my kitchen so I could create nourishing meals for myself and my students. My bedroom was transformed into a luxurious, inviting space to rest, and finally, my living room was designed into a space for me to practice and teach health, wellness, and yoga to my clients. I am grateful for Shirley every time I walk in my front door and take a deep breath. Her artistic eye and vision are top notch.

Marjorie Nass
Marjorie Nass Health Wellness Yoga

Shirley has nipped and tucked my life in boxes and moved me across careers and continents. And opened up my life in places we created space for together. She's the ultimate designer, life change professional, and organizer in one. Just sign up. There is nobody who does it better!

Claire Sanders
President - Claire Media, LLC   Washington, DC

I would not attempt a move without Shirley Martin! I have moved four times with Shirley's help and not only does she streamline the process but she also brings a tireless positive energy that seems to linger long after all of the boxes have been unpacked. Shirley's energy and influence has carried me through several new homes and chapters of life - from a single New Yorker to married mom-to-be.  


The challenge of merging two households was daunting but with Shirley, it was astonishingly easy. The first step was for me to purge all those things I no longer needed or used. Finally, she helped integrate my partner's clothes, office, furniture and kitchenware in a way that made my house feel like "our home".  

Ann Megyas
Teachng Consultant

When I renovated my apartment and made new closets she came in and organized my life. She did everything from closets to financial papers to organizing recipes. I refer to her as "my ever ready bunny.” She gets more done in a consolidated amount of time than I would in a week. SHE IS AMAZING!! 

Mimi Kidd
Senior Vice President & Managing Director
Herald National Bank, New York, NY

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